3 creative ideas for Easter fun with kids

Easter is all about family, food and fun. Here are three creative ideas to make your holiday more fun. Best of all, you don’t have to be a ‘craft master’ to do any of them (I would never tell you to do something that I couldn’t do myself, and I can’t craft my way out of a paper bag.) Enjoy!

1. Let the kids hide some eggs for you. It’s fun to fill the eggs, hide the eggs, then watch the kids run around trying to find them. And the look on their faces when they score a “cool” egg filled with their favorite candy or treat? Quick, grab the camera!

This year, let the kids experience the joy of doing something fun for someone else. Help younger ones fill a few eggs with treats and “hide” them in a contained space for a special grown-up (Mom, Dad, aunt, uncle, grandparents, older brother or sister, etc.). Older siblings can help younger ones hide them for the adults, but as with any activity involving young children and small objects, adult supervision is a must. Elementary-age kids can pull off an egg hunt themselves with just a little guidance from you.  Then let them surprise their family member with news of a “special” egg hunt just for him or her. Little kids can “help” the adult hunt for the eggs. Quick, grab the camera!

2. Fill the eggs with something other than candy. Think creative: draw a little map to a ‘secret’ egg with a bigger prize inside; write a special love note; try tokens for their favorite arcade, a “coupon” for a one-on-one activity with Mom or Dad or for a sleep over with a friend; “get out of one chore free” cards, maybe even a note entitling older kids with a cell phone to extra minutes for the month of April. Heck, they might even acknowledge your existence. Quick, grab the camera!

3.  Write an Easter adventure story or play. Get the kids thinking creatively; the best part is, you don’t have to do any of the work. Put out paper, crayons, markers, stickers and any other art supplies you have handy. Little kids can color in free Easter pictures; challenge the older kids to write a short story about a misadventure of the Easter Bunny–maybe the power went out in the Easter Bunny’s egg factory the night before Easter, or all his baskets were made in China and had to be thrown away because they were tainted with lead paint (KIDDING!!).

Ask them to brainstorm a “problem” and a creative solution (you may have to throw out a few ideas to get them started). If you have a gaggle of kids, break them up into teams and assign one leader for each to help keep things on track; smaller groups can do individual stories. They can even make a short play out of it and perform it for the whole family. Quick, grab the video camera!

Happy Easter!


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