Top 10 New Taglines for BP Letterman Style

Copywriters create hundreds-no thousands–of taglines over the course of their careers for companies. I have decided to generously provide 10 new taglines ABSOLUTELY FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME for our friends over at BP. They are quite busy I’m sure dealing with that little spill thingy, and frankly, it’s the least I could do. I’m a giver that way. So here goes. For the ULTIMATE TAGLINE EXPERIENCE, picture me with David Letterman’s voice reading aloud:

10. “We will get this done (how exactly, we have no idea.). We will make this right (at the pump when we raise prices).”

9. “Black is slimming. Especially on pelicans! Love, BP”
(I like to add the sign-off “Love” to set the tone and add a touch of genuine emotion. Total copywriting trick right there!)

8. “BP. It’s a gusher!”

7. “BP: Be Prepared for higher prices.”

6. “BP: Beware paparazzi!”
(BP is limiting photos of damaged wildlife, much like Kate bitches about the paparazzi. Check out this spoof. It inspires creativity!)

5. “BP. Fish oil is good for you!”

4. “Don’t cry over spilt milk. Oil. Whatever. BP”

3. “BP. Tweet this: We take this f*ck up  (disaster? broken pipe? spill?) spill seriously. PS: keep your fingers crossed that we get a bailout now that Obama is ‘fully engaged!’ ”
(Some people really thought this fake BP Public Relations Twitter account was real. Good thing BP doesn’t pay five bucks a tagline!)

2. “Oil and water do mix! Compliments of BP.”

And the #1 new proposed tagline…drumroll please…

“BP. Slick!”

Got oil? I mean taglines? Let’e hear ’em! For a more serious discussion of BP’s brand damage, check out this great article by William Lozito at Name Wire, the product naming blog.



5 thoughts on “Top 10 New Taglines for BP Letterman Style

  1. Great job, you should submit these to Dave. Tell him you were on Oprah, that might get a foot in the door. 🙂 Great Job!

    1. Chris, what would make these perfect are refreshed logo designs. Let me know if you’re interested. I keep seeing the lovely BP green and yellow design with black tears dripping from it. This disaster makes me feel so helpless. Writing these taglines helped. And yeah, that Oprah show has opened a lot of doors for me!! LOL

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