about christy miles

When I was five years old, I knew I wanted to be a writer. I wrote my first short story when I was seven. By nine, I had a vision for my life: I wanted to write things that made people think. Today, I add one word to that vision: I want to write things that make people think differently. I write about things that move and inspire me. I share my stories when I feel they may be helpful and are ready to be told. 

Thank you for stopping by and spending time with my words. 🙂


Christy Miles is a writer who shares her stories here when she has something to say while moonlighting by day as a software marketing/messaging strategist. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia College Chicago and a BA in Professional Writing from Purdue University.

Christy has received two Columbia Scholastic Press Association Awards for Traditional Fiction, two Telly Awards for her work with one of her all-time favorite corporate marketing teams, some other awards and stuff you can see on LinkedIn, and is working on her first book, a memoir, in parallel with her second book, a non-fiction story on purposeful parenting.

Born and raised in Chicago, Christy lives with her two young adult children who inspire her, one silly bearded dragon who only loves her for her lettuce, and a 100-pound Rhodesian Ridgeback who thinks she is 10 pounds and is the most spoiled dog on the planet. As it should be. 🙂

2 thoughts on “about christy miles

  1. Thinking deeply is wonderful. I often think of a phrase from Harry Potter when Harry asks Dumbledore if what he is experiencing is real, or just happening in his head. Dumbledore replies: “Of course it’s just happening in your head, Harry; but why does that mean it’s not real?”

  2. Oh and thanks for the follow! Don’t watch my video! I’m embarrassed by it! But if you do, tell me how I did haha!

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