7 signs of a creative mind

After working and hanging out with painters, musicians, writers, actors, designers, photographers and creative folks of all kind for years, I’ve noticed seven qualities that creative minds share:

1. Curious. You ask lots of questions, pose dilemmas and create alternative scenarios. You’re always wondering about things, what happened and why. This makes sense, because creativity is all about adventure and trying new things: what will happen if I kill this character here? What if I add more green there? A favorite phrase is, “What if?” Creative minds are always open to new possibilities.

2. Observant. You hear things that others don’t. It’s a listening between the lines for echos of desire, whispers of regret, wisps of anger. You see Continue reading “7 signs of a creative mind”

The creative power of red fuzzy dice

The other day my ten-year-old son came home from a trip to the arcade with a pair of red fuzzy dice. You know, the kind you hang on your rearview mirror, if you happen to be a fuzzy dice kind of person, which…I am not. He hands them to me with a big grin.

“Here Mom! I got these for you. I won enough tickets to get something for me and for our family.” ┬áHis face is beaming with a degree of happiness that I see less and less as he grows older and “cooler.”

I hold the dice in my hands. They are very fuzzy. Very huge. Very red. Very noticeable. This was not going to be like wearing the bracelet made out of macaroni. This would be more like wearing the brown paper bag hat decorated with stick figure puppies and “Mom” all over it. In public.

Now, don’t get me wrong–it’s not like I’m too sophisticated for fuzzy dice. One of my favorite Continue reading “The creative power of red fuzzy dice”