Everything I need to know I learned on Google: Confessions of a Google addict

When I needed to learn the best way to videotape an informal interview, I Googled it. When a relative was diagnosed with cancer, I Googled it. When I needed to learn more about using social media marketing for b2b marketing, I Googled it. How to take great photos? Launch a blog? Get my kids to make their beds? Googled it. Nike might want you to  “Just do it” but why bother when you can “Just Google it”?

I was starting to feel as if there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do, learn or become an expert at in minutes–or at least the first few highly ranked articles in Google search. Whether I needed a recipe to whip up a tantalizing blog post or a succulent pork roast, I had every resource, every answer right at my fingertips. It was intoxicating. I was drunk with power and knowledge. I was addicted to Google.

And then my power went out. Literally–no electricity. For three days.

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