True Love: I Never Saw It Coming, Baby


I loved you child

From the moment I knew of you

I was there for your first




First mashed bananas

Smeared on your soft, plump cheeks

The whole body shudder

At your first taste of peas

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What Motherhood Has Taught Me

My loves, my sillies, a long time ago. Or was it yesterday?

As another Mother’s Day nears and my kids grow another year closer to adulthood, I am thinking back on it all. The tattered hard copy of Goodnight Moon recited by heart. Bath/book/bed routines. Play groups. Walking through the grocery store when they were littles and feeling SO proud of myself for getting a shower in and dressing up in something other than sweat pants, the kids well behaved in the cart and I thought – yeah, I’m on it! I got it all together today! Go me!

And then in the checkout lane, the woman behind me whispered, “Excuse me, but did you know that you have a lollipop stuck on the back of your skirt?”

Motherhoood is a sticky business.
When I first announced to the world that I was pregnant, there is one phrase I heard most often: “Your life is going to change!” This was usually followed by knowing smiles or laughter. I remember saying, “Yeah, I know.”

I didn’t know shit.

Seventeen years and two kids later, I get it. I’m going to try to capture just how life-changing motherhood has been for me and a few of the lessons I’ve been humbled to learn in no particular order. For mother’s day. For moms everywhere who show up every day fighting the good fight.   Continue reading “What Motherhood Has Taught Me”

why you should commit a random act of kindness today

I went to dinner last night with my kids, ages 11 and 13. At the end of our meal, the waitress, a twenty-something girl, handed me our leftovers and my receipt. When I retrieved my credit card, I found a note tucked into the bill holder. It read: “Thank you so much, you have the nicest, most polite kids. Please enjoy dessert on me. Candace.” In our leftover bag was a box with two giant slices of chocolate cake. I shared the note with my kids and told them “Great job guys!” They just asked when they could have their cake. LOL

my awesome 'very polite' kids
my awesome ‘very polite’ kids

I can’t tell you how much this simple act of kindness meant to me. For a girl of this age – after her tip had already been received – to take the time to write this note, make this gesture, made my weekend. I have the BEST kids, of course, so I don’t need notes from strangers to point this out to me. Yes, they get on my nerves and do dopey stuff as kids do, but they are awesome people and I am so lucky to be their mom. So it’s a terrific feeling when others notice how special they are too. It makes me feel like no matter how many other things I f*ck up, at least I’m doing this one thing right (mostly), although I’m sure their shrink will tell me otherwise 20 years from now. 🙂

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