Keep Dancing: Bouncing Back from Life’s Curveballs

danceAs kids, we think about becoming something. A fireman. An artist. A parent. A better version of our parents. Lots of things. But life throws us curve balls and where we actually end up tends to deviate from what we once imagined. What is that phrase – life is what happens while we are busy making other plans?

In the last three years, I’ve experienced tremendous change. Divorce. A special needs child finally properly diagnosed after 15 years of struggle. I lost my home. Money. A few friends. My job. At one point, I felt like I lost me. Other times, I lost hope that things could ever be right again. I made mistakes. I tried to make amends. There are still days where I feel like Charlie Brown when the football gets taken away at the last minute and I fall flat on my face.

Some days I still think the universe is punking me. 🙂

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You see the problem: Now where do you go from here?

Feeling buried? You can - and you will - dig your way out.
Feeling buried? You can – and you will – dig your way out.

In my last post, I talked about seeing the possibilities one step at a time. Today I want to talk about clarity – once you see a situation clearly, what do you do with it? Where do you go from there? I will start this off by saying I’m not a counselor or licensed in anything at all, I am just a person trying to do my best in life with what I have, so – grain of salt with all of this, okay? And remember that I am a writer, so I think best in metaphors. So here goes…

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Grateful: Living each day as a thank you

I’ve been reading a new book that I wanted to tell you about. It’s called “Living life as a thank you: The transformative power of daily gratitude.” It’s about embracing gratitude in life wherever you can get it. With the economy still seemingly in free fall and bad news all around, I can’t help but feel a little overwhelmed by it all. So when I saw this little book on the store shelf, it struck me as something I needed to read. Now.

It’s a quick read, and it inspired me to try to think of 10 things I’m grateful for every night. I’ve added this as a new question for my kids at the dinner table, too, to share one thing they are grateful for. Why wait for Thanksgiving, right?

Honestly, it’s harder than I thought it would be. I’ve been focusing so much on the negative things going on that I’ve overlooked so much of the good things right in front of my face. My biggest takeaway is that it’s easier to be whiny than grateful, and I have a lot to be grateful for, which I seem to take for granted when I don’t make an effort to consciously think about it.

After trying this for two weeks, I can honestly say that I feel happier than I have in awhile, even after I read yet another dire news report on the state of the economy or world affairs. So here are 10 things that I’m grateful for today:

  • My relative’s cancer is in remission.
  • My children are relatively healthy, happy kids.
  • Being married to my best friend.
  • A roof over my head and food on the table.
  • Knowing that I am loved and accepted for who I am by the people who matter.
  • My friendships.
  • My dogs.
  • Laughter.
  • Books. I am so very grateful for books.
  • My recent ladies-only trip to Vegas. Wish I could say more on that one, but, you know, what happens in Vegas…

How about you? What are you grateful for? Is it hard to remember to be grateful?