Dear Dad


Dear Dad,

I remember fishing with you on piers and docks – never on a boat, because you couldn’t be on the water anymore after shipping out to Korea while serving our country. (I still bait my own hooks but still refuse to take the fish off when I catch them.)

I remember the meatloaf and ketchup sandwich you made me in third grade when mom was sick and you had to pinch hit. The look of horror on my classmates’ faces as they caught a glimpse of the ketchup soaked white bread. (There were to be no trades that day. 🙂 )

I remember the story of how you ran away from home at 13 to be a cowboy – traveling by bus from Chicago to Wyoming, with nothing more than the clothes on your back, sneakers, and a friend. How you had to work all summer there to earn enough money to come home. (I thought you were the strongest person in the whole wide world. Still do.)

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